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Pearson BTEC International  Level 3 Diploma in Engineering


  • Transfer to more than 200+ universities worldwide for a top-up bachelor's degree

  • Proceed to Level 4 Vocational Qualification in the same field

  • Direct employment in the relevant  fields

  • Start and manage your own business


Course Content

Mandatory units

unit 01    Mechanical Principles  

This unit strengthens your math and science skills for solving engineering problems, using principles from pioneers like Archimedes and Newton. It's vital for roles in engineering and further education.

unit 02    Delivery of Engineering Processes

                Safely as a Team

This unit focuses on engineering processes, safety, teamwork, and 2D CAD skills, equipping you for engineering traineeships, higher education, or technician roles.

unit 03    Product Design and Manufacture

                in Engineering

This unit teaches the development of engineering designs, focusing on creativity, technical skills, and practical challenges, preparing you for roles in engineering apprenticeships and education.

unit 04    Applied Commercial and Quality

                Principles in Engineering

This unit covers how engineering organizations gain a competitive advantage through cost control, quality understanding, and value management, preparing engineers to enhance project value and profitability. It also introduces Lean and Six Sigma methodologies.

unit 57    Electrical and Electronic Principles

This engineering unit develops multidisciplinary skills in electrical and electronic systems, combining mathematics with principles from early scientists like Faraday and Ohm. It's essential for technical and trainee engineering roles, laying the foundation for advanced engineering education.

General Units

unit 14    Electrical Installation of Hardware

                and Cables

This unit teaches about electrical circuits and safety regulations, offering hands-on experience. It prepares students for careers in electrical engineering, suitable for apprenticeships or further education.

unit 24    Maintenance of Mechanical Systems

This unit teaches maintenance of mechanical systems, focusing on practical skills for future engineers in traineeships, apprenticeships, or higher education.

unit 07    Calculus to Solve Engineering Problems

This unit teaches calculus for solving engineering problems, essential for product design and system optimization. It's geared towards students aiming for higher education or technical careers in engineering.

unit 10    Computer Aided Design in Engineering

This unit focuses on using CAD for 2D and 3D engineering drawings, preparing students for technical roles in engineering and for further education in engineering-related fields.

unit 13    Welding Technology

This unit teaches different welding processes, safety, and material behavior, including practical welding tasks. It prepares students for roles in welding, apprenticeships, or engineering studies.

unit 44    Fabrication Manufacturing Process 

This unit teaches sheet metal fabrication processes and safe tool usage, preparing students for careers or further education in mechanical or manufacturing engineering.

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