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Empowering Futures: Stories of Scholarship Success at Busoga International Polytechnic

At Busoga International Polytechnic, the impact of scholarships extends beyond financial relief; it shapes futures and fuels dreams. Here, we share the inspiring journeys of three scholarship recipients: Kiwanda Edison, Tesaga Caroline, and Namungo Janet, whose lives have been transformed by the opportunity to pursue their passions and achieve their academic goals.

Kiwanda Edison: Pearson BTEC Level 2 Diploma in Construction

Challenges Faced Before Receiving the Scholarship:

Fear of Not Meeting Academic Standards: Before receiving the scholarship, I faced significant fear. If I did not achieve the necessary grades in the pre-course assessments, I wouldn't have qualified for the scholarship, which motivated me to work even harder.

Desire for Quality Education: I fell in love with the Pearson BTEC curriculum due to its global recognition and effectiveness. Failing to get the scholarship would have meant leaving the school, which was a huge challenge for me.

Impact of the Scholarship:

Financial Relief: The scholarship allowed me to study without paying any fees, which was a significant financial relief.

Quality Education: I got the opportunity to study the internationally recognized Pearson BTEC curriculum, combining both theoretical and hands-on activities.

Global Opportunities: The scholarship has set the foundation for me to work internationally, as the BTEC program is recognized globally.

Future Plans and Goals:

Engineering Marvels: I aim to gain global recognition through engineering marvels like record-breaking bridges and skyscrapers.

International Contracts: I aspire to secure major international construction contracts.

Construction Company: I plan to establish my own construction company capable of handling international projects.

Giving Back:

I intend to repay the generosity shown to me by working hard to achieve great results and make my school proud.

Tesaga Caroline: Pearson BTEC Level 2 Diploma in Engineering- Welding and Metal Fabrication

Hobby - Singing


After secondary school, I wanted to pursue engineering but lacked the financial means. I was about to settle for a business administration course because it was cheaper.

Impact of the Scholarship:

Stress Relief: The scholarship alleviated my financial worries, allowing me to focus on my studies.

Research Time: I now have ample time to research welding and fabrication, which is my chosen field.

Future Aspirations:

I dream of owning a large company specializing in welding and fabrication.

Namungo Janet: Pearson BTEC Level 2 Diploma in Engineering- Welding and Metal Fabrication

Challenges Faced Before Receiving the Scholarship:

Before learning about the scholarship, I spent nearly two years at home waiting for money to join college. Our family business, our primary source of income, suffered greatly during the COVID-19 lockdown, forcing my dad to fire his employees and hire us.

Impact of the Scholarship:

My life at BIP has been a dream come true. From my first visit, I felt like I had found the opportunity I had always dreamed of. The scholarship enabled me to pursue my passion for engineering, which I feared was out of reach.

Future Plans and Goals:

I plan to continue my education and possibly pursue a graduate degree. My goal is to make a positive impact in my chosen field.

Giving Back:

I am committed to mentoring and supporting other students facing similar challenges. The scholarship experience has motivated me to help others overcome their circumstances and achieve their dreams.

Collective Impact

Before receiving the scholarship, we all struggled with financial uncertainty and limited opportunities. The scholarship changed our lives by providing the financial support and resources we needed to focus on our studies without the burden of debt. With this support, we are now able to pursue our academic goals and explore our passions more deeply. We are committed to giving back by mentoring and supporting other students facing similar challenges, creating more opportunities for others to succeed. This experience has motivated us to help others overcome their circumstances and achieve their dreams.

The transformative power of scholarships at Busoga International Polytechnic is evident in the stories of Kiwanda Edison, Tesaga Caroline, and Namungo Janet. Their journeys inspire us to continue supporting and nurturing future generations of engineers and innovators.

From left to right: Kiwanda Edison in a construction overall, Tesaga Caroline, and Namungo Janet.

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